Get started with REST API

Written by Alexander Shpilka
Updated 9 months ago

REST API allows you to access and manipulate your Ribbo AI data. That includes Applications, Chats, Messages, Customers.

1️⃣ API endpoint

Ribbo REST API is the HTTPS-only API that runs at:

2️⃣ Authentication

You should authenticate all your HTTP requests to Ribbo API with a help of your API key.

To get the API key, go to Settings → Organization → API keys and copy your API Key from there.

In order to authenticate your HTTP requests, you should add an Authorization header to your requests and specify your API key there.

Authorization: Bearer <your_api_key_goes_here>
Content-Type: application/json
Accept: application/json

3️⃣ Endpoints

Here's the list of all available endpoints you can use to access and control your Ribbo data.

Endpoint What you can do
Messages Post a new messages with question and get answer from AI chatbot.

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