How to collect user details?

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In the Settings of Applications, you can enable a form that would pop up in the following cases:

  • If bot can't respond to user query or does not have enough information.
  • If user requests to speak with a real person.
  • You can enable the form to be always displayed in the chat.

What user details are available?

You can request users' name, email and phone number when enabling the form.

The form pops up only to users who never filled it out before. The details of users who already filled out the form in the past will be always displayed in the chat.

How do I enable the form?

1. Go to Applications ➡️ Settings ➡️ General, and scroll down.

2. Enable the option to display form to collect user details and choose the criteria. Click Save Changes.

3. Now, in the Playground, you can run a small test. We asked the bot to call us, what matches the earlier set criteria for sharing the form with us.

4. Once a user submits their details, the become available in the Chat history

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